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Many IPTV services offer a reseller service, but the problem is that they provide it at a very high price, which condemns your business will fail from the beginning because the profit is in buying, not in selling, because if you buy at a cheap price, you’ll sell at a competitive price, and you’ll win more, unlike if you buy at a high price, you’ll sell at a high price, and you’ll not have many clients, which means you business will fail before you start.

There are two reasons for the high price of the IPTV service for those who provide Reseller:
● The person you buy from him doesn’t have a direct contact to the server owner
● He doesn’t want you to compete with him in the price and in order to he always remains a monopolist for the market alone, Therefore, the price is always exaggerated.

But with our service IPTV LEVEL UP, we found the solution to this problem, and You’ve come to the right place to buy the best panel for IPTV service at a cheap price and save your money and increase your profits.

Why is the price cheap and the service is excellent? The answer is easy because the owner of one of the most powerful IPTV server is a partner in our company IPTV LEVEL UP, and the testimonies of thousands of our customers, whether they’re reseller or consumers, testify to the efficiency of our service.

Please scroll down to know how our panel work.

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How it works?


First thing, you should buy a panel from our service IPTV LEVEL UP you’ll find the prices below to manage your credits and users accounts. After you received an order from your customer you should refer to your panel and create a subscription for your client as they wish.

How do we calculate our credits' panel through months and years?

  • 01 Month = 1 Credit
  • 03 Months = 3 Credits
  • 06 Months = 6 Credits
  • 12 Months = 12 Credits

Get Your Perfect Plan.

Credits Panel

$ 199
  • 120 Credits

Credits Panel

$ 585
  • 360 Credits

Credits Panel

$ 1150
  • 720 Credits

Credits Panel

$ 2199
  • 1440 Credits